What’s the Connection to Corrie Ten Boom??

What’s the Connection to Corrie Ten Boom??

Corrie and her nephew Peter von Woerden were the only ones in their family to survive the events of the Holocaust. As the last of the ten Booms, Corrie didn't let this stop her from building new relationships and creating new family.

Our Mama Fran and Papa Mike first met Corrie she was traveling through the states sharing the gospel and sharing her testimony to thousands. After first meeting in Virginia, Corrie quickly became close friends and built a relationship that ultimately led to her being called family. Growing up, our family would hear from our Mama Fran “Corrie stories” that were about her various trials, journeys, and lessons in life. Though Corrie wasn’t blood family to ours, she was in every way family to us. She shared life with our Mama Fran. Enduring hurricanes together, crying together, and worshipping together. Getting to know each other on a very deep and intimate level. Corrie even had her own room in Mama Fran’s and Papa Mikes house and Corrie passed down many of her things to the family (one of those being a Papa ten Boom watch pictured on our site😉)!

Most importantly though, are the stories, values, and legacy that Corrie passed down to each of us. It was something that impacted our entire family and so many others and is something we felt like needed to continue. A story of good standing against evil. A story of trusting in God and being a light in the darkest times of history. This is why we named ourselves “Ten Boom” Coffee and exist here today. To remember the life and legacy of Corrie while also sharing those same values in our world today. To be a hiding place for those in need of one. To be vessels for Jesus in a dark world.

In 2009, a friend of our Mama Fran wrote a sweet article about how Corrie and our family met. Check the link below to read the full article!👇🏽



Author of Article: Quin Moore Sherrer

Article Link: Vie Magazine 

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