Our Mission

Coffee for Good

Our mission is bigger than beans. We started Ten Boom Coffee Roasters to empower individuals to brew goodness and stand for what is good in our world.

From Farm to Cup

With our partners at Agrocafe Israel, we help increase the harvest of coffee growers around the world by 60% (avg) by reinvesting and implementing special drip irrigation and nutrition technology. This advanced technology not only has the ability to increase the coffee harvest by 60%, but also increase the quality of the bean, allowing our growers to sell the coffee at 40% above market average.

With these drastic increases in both the quantity and quality of the coffee, the salaries of the farmers we work with have gone from $300 a month to $3,000 a month!!

With every bag of Ten Boom Coffee, you are engaging in life changing economics in coffee growing regions around the world.

Our Impact

“The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation.” - Corrie Ten Boom

In addition to working with Agrocafe and helping coffee growers around the world — we here at Ten Boom Coffee proudly donate 10% of each sale towards kingdom initiatives in the Holy Land and abroad that are being the Light of Christ by supporting communities in need, fostering positive change and spreading goodness worldwide.

Thanks to the incredible support of our customers, we've raised over $19,300 so far to fund and support these vital initiatives. Each bag of coffee you enjoy contributes to an impact that's bigger than beans!

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