Our Mission

Can coffee change the world for good?

We think so. At Ten Boom we believe we can positively change the world one bag at a time. Our mission is to bring a little bit of light and goodness in our world today. Changing the world is a lofty goal but it’s easier than you think.


From the farm to your cup

We provide specialty coffee that is ethically sourced and represents goodness all the way from the farm, to your very cup. With our partners at Agrocafe Israel, we are able to increase the harvest of coffee growers around the world by 60% (avg) by reinvesting and implementing special drip irrigation and nutrition technology. Our technology not only has the ability to increase the coffee harvest by 60%, but also increase the quality of the bean, allowing our growers to sell the coffee at 40% above market average and increase their income and lives immensely.. This significant increase in both the quantity and quality of the green coffee is just one of the ways we can make a global socioeconomic impact. So when you buy a bag of Ten Boom, you’re a part of the good that we’re doing around the world.

There’s Goodness Brewing Foundation

In addition to working with Agrocafe and helping coffee growers around the world — we created the Ten Boom Coffee Foundation to raise funds to send bags of coffee to IDF soldiers and those in need in Israel. We donate 10% of our coffee sales to this foundation and have opened it up to whoever wants to donate with us. All proceeds are tax deductible and monitored by our 501C3 and are sent directly to the Holy Land!

The Ten Boom Coffee Foundation is here to further support our mission of brewing goodness around the world!