Single Origin Coffee Bundle

Get 1 bag each of our The Light (light roast), Zion(medium roast), and Casper (dark roast) roasts for you to enjoy! All organically grown, specialty graded, and freshly roasted.

Style:Whole Bean
In stock, ready to brew some goodness!
Shipping Information

All of our coffee is Roasted-To-Order and typically ships in 3-4 business days from ordering. Orders are shipped through USPS, which means they should arrive within 2 to 4 business days after shipping. This helps ensure that your coffee comes at PEAK freshness after being roasted!


With each purchase, you're making an impact that is bigger than beans!

You are directly contributing to a 10x increase in the salaries of coffee farmers worldwide and supporting positive initiatives in the Holy Land and beyond!

Organically Grown

Our coffee is cultivated using entirely organic methods, ensuring purity from our farms to your cup. We engage directly in soil cultivation, delivering coffee free from toxins, pesticides, and added chemicals, guaranteeing a clean coffee experience.

Specialty Coffee

We offer specialty coffee while directly investing in the lives of coffee growers, leveraging Agrocafe’s advanced agricultural technology for a unique impact. Our efforts have resulted in a 10x increase in the income of the farmers we partner with!

Freshly Roasted

Our team dedicates itself to crafting optimal roasting profiles, ensuring you receive the finest and freshest coffee! Each bag is custom-made, hand-roasted, and immediately shipped to your doorstep.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
C M Lewis
Coffee Bundle

I am very pleased with the three coffee bundle! To my surprise I find the "Light" roast smooth and satisfying. I give all three roasts a 5 for the coffee, the name and the story attached and the service. Great job Ten Boom Coffee Roasters!!!

Irene Tennier

The best coffee I have tasted even before it is brewed the smell from the bag is how I remember when I was growing up in my Mothers kitchen in the morning good coffee then many yrs ago it was not what we have now but it was a good one for that time thank you for the service as well very thankful bless you Im so reminded of Corrie Ten Boon who I so honor thank you again bless you all Irene Canada


This smells delicious!! Ten Boom has been great to work with!!

Jesse Cagle

Coffee is by far the best ever!!

Mary Ames

I am very impressed with the quality of the coffee. ❤️

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