Our Legacy

...is what inspires us to brew good

In the middle of one of the darkest times in human history, the ten Boom family stood as a beacon of hope, welcoming the Jewish people into their home during the atrocities of the holocaust. As a family, the ten Boom’s were unwavering in their love and kindness for their Jewish brothers and sisters, standing against the evils of the day and being a light for Christ to those around them.

At Ten Boom Coffee, we aim to preserve the tradition of gathering around tables with strangers, friends, and family, just as the ten Boom family did. We believe in the power of shared meals, storytelling, prayer, and encouragement, especially during dark and challenging times. Our goal is to extend this legacy of warmth, hospitality, and good coffee to all who join us.

Future Ten Boom’s

The beloved Corrie ten Boom died April 15th, 1983, the same day that she was born in 1892. It is Jewish belief that if you die on your birthday you have completed your God-given task on earth.

At Ten Boom Coffee, we aim to honor the life and legacy of Corrie by embodying the values she stood for and extending them to our communities today. Our mission is to inspire a new generation of individuals who, like Corrie, champion love, truth, and illuminate the world with the light of Christ amidst its darkness.

The Connection

In the latter half of her life, Corrie ten Boom traveled extensively, sharing her powerful testimony. During these journeys, she frequently visited our family in Destin, FL, where she became an integral part of our lives, affectionately calling it her 'Emerald Coast Hiding Place.' Corrie was adopted into our family, passing down not only some of her personal belongings but also her impactful stories and legacy, which we are dedicated to preserving and sharing in our world today.

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