Our Legacy

We Brew More Than Coffee.

We brew legacy because our history and our stories are more than a reminder of where we’ve been; they carry the power to inspire others to go further than we could imagine!

Corrie Ten Boom was adopted into our family later on in her life. We believe her story of good overcoming evil is needed in our world today and we want to share this amazing legacy with a beverage that all the Ten Booms LOVED… coffee!!

...is what inspires us to brew good

In the middle of one of the darkest times in human history, the Ten Boom family stood as a beacon of hope, welcoming the Jewish people into their home during the atrocities of the holocaust. As a family, the Ten Boom’s were unwavering in their love and kindness for their Jewish brothers and sisters, standing against the evils of the day and promoting good in the world.

A big part of the Ten Boom's story is the family and their guest often enjoying a good cup of coffee. They found that this bean juice could be used a source of hope that could bring people together to share their stories with one another and find a commonness between a fellow broken man. Here at Ten Boom Coffee, we want to continue this legacy of open arms, loving hands, and good coffee!

Corrie Ten Boom died April 15th, 1983, the same day that she was born in 1892. It is Jewish belief that if you die on your birthday you have completed your God-given task on earth.

At Ten Boom Coffee, we want to honor the legacy of Corrie Ten Boom, furthering the same values that she stood for and bringing them to our communities today. We want to brew goodness everywhere we go.

Our Relationship to Corrie

Our relationship to Corrie Ten Boom is a deep and special one. She was family! We are greatly humbled and inspired to continue her legacy and share her story in our world today.

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