Our Coffee

We Brew Together.

Here at Ten Boom Coffee, we believe relationships are what help us brew goodness. That’s why we have invested countless hours building our amazing partnership, and now friendship, with Agrocafe Israel! With their help, we are able to provide you with the best cup of joe while creating a unique story and opportunity to help others around the world.

From the farm to your cup

With the advanced agricultural tech that Agrocafe uses, we can say that we are the only ones in the world that are able to help coffee growers increase the quality and quantity of their harvest by reinvesting and implementing special drip irrigation and nutrition analytics. Agrocafe gifts this technology to coffee growers struggling with the devasting effects of climate change in order to help increase their harvest. In return, they only receive half of the increase in the yield for us to roast and provide for our customers! Our technology has the ability to increase the coffee harvest by 60% on average, and increase the quality of the bean, allowing our growers to sell the coffee at 40% above market average and earn a much better living for them and their families! Our partnership allows for us to have tight control of the quality of of our products, as well as be a part of changing the world, one bean at a time.

Our coffee is good all the way from the farm to your very cup.

Organically Grown

Our coffee is grown and farmed with all organic practices. Working with Agrocafe means that we get our hands in the soil and are able to provide coffee from our own farms, to your cup! No toxins. No pesticides. No added chemicals. Mold free.

Special Impact

We provide delicious specialty coffee, all the while directly investing in the lives of coffee growers and having a special impact through Agrocafe’s enhanced agricultural technology. Through our work, we have seen a 900% increase in the income of the farmers that we work with!

Freshly Roasted

Our team works hard to develop the best roasting profiles to provide you with the best coffee in the market! Every bag is made to order, hand roasted, and immediately shipped to your door.

Life Changing Impact


This image shows one of our farms in Colombia before the implementation of Agrocafe’s drip irrigation technology and fertilization systems. There was little rainfall in this year, so the crops did not receive enough water. Hanan at Agrocafe went in to analyze the soil and the agriculture of the coffee plants to see what was needed to maximize the next harvest.


Agrocafe’s analysis after implementation revealed above a 60% increase in the total harvest! Along with quantity increase, they discovered that the overall quality of the coffee also increased allowing the farmers to sell their coffee 40% above market average. The drip irrigation insured that the plant received the proper amount of water regardless of the natural rain fall and the fertilization system made sure that the plant received the exact nutrients it needed in order maximize the harvest.
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