Our Coffee

We Brew Together.

Here at Ten Boom Coffee, we believe relationships are what help us brew goodness. That’s why we have invested countless hours building our amazing partnership, and now friendship, with Agrocafe Israel! With their help, we are able to provide you with the best cup of joe while creating a unique story and opportunity to help others around the world.

The Technology

Agrocafe is an Israeli tech company located in the Elah Valley that employs advanced agricultural technologies to enhance coffee harvests globally by an average of 60%. These technologies encompass specialized drip irrigation and nutrition systems, meticulously monitoring plant growth to optimize yield potential and better the lives of coffee growers around the world.

The Impact

The impact of the technology extends beyond boosting harvest size; it also enhances bean quality, enabling our growers to sell coffee at a 40% premium above market average. With significant improvements in both quantity and quality, the salaries of our partnered farmers have increased tenfold, rising from $300 a month to $3,000 a month!

The Roasting

We import our coffee directly from the farmers we work with to our facilities to curate the best coffees for our customer to enjoy. Starting in our roasting labs in Israel, our coffee is curated in the Holy Land with a touch of love and nuance. We take these master crafted roasting profiles and we freshly roast to each order and immediately ship it to our customers in the US to enjoy in the comfort of their homes.

Bigger than Beans

We're proud to partner with Agrocafe to bring this specialty coffee to our customers while contributing to economic growth in coffee-growing regions. For us, it's about more than just the beans. 

Specialty Coffee, Special Impact

Organically Grown

Our coffee is cultivated using entirely organic methods, ensuring purity from our farms to your cup. We engage directly in soil cultivation, delivering coffee free from toxins, pesticides, and added chemicals, guaranteeing a clean coffee experience.

Specialty Coffee

We offer specialty coffee while directly investing in the lives of coffee growers, leveraging Agrocafe’s advanced agricultural technology for a unique impact. Our efforts have resulted in a 10x increase in the income of the farmers we partner with!

Freshly Roasted

Our team dedicates itself to crafting optimal roasting profiles, ensuring you receive the finest and freshest coffee! Each bag is custom-made, hand-roasted, and immediately shipped to your doorstep.
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