Bigger Than Beans

We started Ten Boom Coffee Roasters to remind people that they have the power to brew goodness. And while we want to make sure every specialty coffee lover sips an exceptional cup of Joe, our mission is bigger than beans.

Our name is special to us. It honors the life and legacy of a woman whose courage, resilience and kindness made the world a better place. We are committed to upholding this legacy and carrying it forward in our world today.

Innovation in Coffee

Our coffee is unlike anything you have ever tasted or heard before! Working with our friends at Agrocafe Israel, we are able to make a direct impact in the very soil of the coffee bean and transform coffee growers lives by implementing advanced agricultural technologies. All the coffee we import comes directly from our farms and is organically grown, specialty graded, and freshly roasted for our customers to enjoy at home!

Our Story So Far

We believe in stories. They have the power to encourage and inspire others! The story of our founding has been a faith filled journey, so we decided to video a little bit of the journey so far and we hope it encourages you!

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