Corrie Ten Boom

Who is Corrie Ten Boom?

Cornelia “Corrie” Arnolda Johanna ten Boom was born April 15th, 1892 in Haarlem, Netherlands. Corrie and her family inhabited a two-story corner home in the midst of Haarlem. Corrie’s father practiced watchmaking on the bottom floor while the family lived in the upstairs rooms. The ten Boom family were devout Christians, fostering children and engaging in a variety of social work when Corrie was a girl. Importantly, a love and deep burden for the nation of Israel was prevalent throughout Corrie’s upbringing, with Corrie’s grandfather being the first to feel drawn to enact regular prayer for the Jewish people.

Naturally, the ten Boom family was particularly anguished with breakout of the Second World War and rampant persecution of Jews by the Nazis. In the face of incredible risk, the ten Boom family bravely and faithfully fulfilled their lifelong call to be a safe haven for the persecuted. Between 1943 and 1944, the Ten Booms were hiding 5-6 Jews illegally at any time. In total, their efforts helped spare around 800 Jewish people. Finally, in 1944, the Nazi S.S. Raided their home and arrested the entire family. 

Corrie, alongside her sister Betsie, was quickly moved to Ravensbrück extermination camp. Despite being directly inserted into the horror of humanity’s darkest moment, the sisters continued to heed their family’s holy calling, taking every opportunity to emanate and express the love of Jesus to fellow prisoners.

Though Betsie passed away, Corrie miraculously survived Ravensbrück. She was released back into society, but without any trace of her beloved family, and only after experiencing horrendous persecution at the hand of the Nazis. Nonetheless, Corrie turned her misfortune into an opportunity to honor the ten Boom legacy, spreading God’s love through writing and speaking to audiences all over the world, famously recounting the story in her book “The Hiding Place.”


Fueled by her experiences, Corrie was largely emphatic about two subjects: God’s unbound love despite evil and the power of radical forgiveness. In an incredible example of her values, she forgave one of her Nazi captors in-person after he recognized and approached her years later, having been in the German congregation she had just spoke to. In this vein, she continued to carry on her family’s legacy well, turning a harrowing reality into an opportunity to bless others. She only grew in her passion for the oppressed and marginalized, shining inextinguishable light and spreading unquenchable hope to all she encountered. 

This is the legacy that Ten Boom Coffee proudly shares in. We humbly strive day-by-day to carry this legacy well and to continue sharing the ten Boom’s beautiful story. We proudly share Corrie’s heart for all of God’s people, and ultimately in Jesus’ incredible and endless mercy and love for all.  


Written By: Bryce Timmons


Check out the best-selling book The Hiding Place to read the full story of Corrie and her family. 

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