Current Initiative

Our mission is bigger than beans.

We established the Ten Boom Coffee Foundation, dedicating 10% of every sale to support organizations being the light of Christ in the Holy Land and abroad, aiding communities in need and promoting positive change globally.

In collaboration with Operation Lifeshield and Jacob’s Ladder Ministry, we've launched a vital initiative to support the construction of bomb shelters for children living in harms way in both Northern and Southern Israel. Our aim is to fully fund the creation of one entire bomb shelter, with a total cost of $18,500.

Each shelter is designed to accommodate up to 20 children and strategically placed to offer a safe refuge when sirens blare, signaling the need for immediate shelter. Working alongside local artists, every shelter is transformed into a beacon of hope amidst uncertainty, adorned with scripture in both Hebrew and English. In the face of darkness and fear, we aspire to infuse these shelters with a glimmer of peace and comfort, offering a tangible reminder of resilience and faith.

Further Impact

We have had several of our customers ask us if they can contribute more, so in addition to the coffee contributions, we have opened up the foundation for those who want to make further donations in this initiative with us. All donations are tax deductible, overseen by the foundation, and sent directly to our partners in the Holy Land.

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