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Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea—that brewing an exceptional cup of coffee holds the potential to cultivate goodness and make a tangible impact.

But high-quality beans are only half the battle with brewing an exceptional cup of coffee—knowing how to extract the unique flavor profiles of coffee beans, all comes down to your brewing method.

We’ve put together a free guide to level up your at-home coffee game this year with a step-by-step walkthrough of three different brewing methods sure to please your taste buds! (And an exclusive discount code, for something extra good.)

About Us

At Ten Boom Coffee, we’re proud of the legacy we carry and the ethically sourced, organic specialty-grade coffee beans we get to provide our customers. But a few ways we are brewing good in the world is through our partnership with Agrocafe Israel, which has allowed us to help increase global coffee harvests by 60% and elevate bean quality, empowering growers to thrive.

Additionally, we've created the Ten Boom Coffee Foundation, which allocates 10% of every bag goes directly to supporting Israel.

Frankly, we believe you can brew good and do good at the same time, without compromise.

Let’s brew something good together!

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Can coffee change the world?

It might sound ambitious, but we think it can.

We’re proud of our partnership with Agrocafe Israel because of their impactful work in enhancing the lives of global coffee growers. Through their advanced irrigation and nutrition systems, they empower struggling farmers to improve bean quality and sell coffee at 40% above market value, promoting dignity and financial equity for growers.

Additionally, in collaboration with Agrocafe Israel, our foundation is providing crucial financial aid to roast and distribute coffee to those enduring adversity amid the current war and conflict in Israel. Each bag donated gives more than coffee; it carries warmth, solidarity, and a flavorful touch of compassion, aiming to uplift the communities in need.

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