Coffee Harvest

Harvest Time! (Coffee update)

After a very successful debut at The Hiding Place show in Nashville, we are now waiting for our next batch of coffee. It is always exciting when you sell out so quickly, but we are even more excited to get the rest of our coffee in for more people to enjoy! We can’t wait to brew good coffee and good stories with everyone.

Currently our coffee is being harvested at one of our farms! Did you know that usually the first fruit of the coffee isn’t the best of the harvest? That’s why we are waiting a little longer! We want to live up to our goal of bringing everyone the best quality coffee there is!

This also helps out our farmers. Better coffee = higher prices. Higher prices = higher wages! Here at Ten Boom Coffee Roasters, we don’t provide just good coffee. We provide a good mission. Partnering with our friends at Agrocafe Israel, we are able to directly transform coffee farms around the world by reinvesting in special Israeli technology to increase harvests. We can’t wait for you to try our coffee and we are excited to invite everyone to join us in brewing goodness.

In the mean time, be on the lookout for our coffee, check out our gear, and send us a story of how you brew good!



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