Agrocafe Israel Introduction

Agrocafe Israel Introduction

Our team here at Ten Boom Coffee recently went and visited our partners at Agrocafe Israel. What a joyous time they had deepening their relationships in the land and celebrating The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) with our Israeli friends!


Here at Ten Boom Coffee, we are all about building relationships and doing good all around us. Our relationship with Agrocafe is part of who we are and what we want to represent.


Agrocafe gifts advanced Israeli agricultural technology to coffee growers around the world in order for them to see an increase in the yields of their coffee. That’s right! They gift it! Agrocafe only receives payment back on the installation of the technology when there is an excess in the yield of the coffee grower. On average they are seeing a 60% increase on the yield! On top of this, their technology also increases the quality of the coffee, so that where the coffee growers were once selling their coffee 20% below market average, they are now selling it 40% above the market average. Truly transformational! This model is a one of a kind model that significantly impacts the lives of our coffee growers and also allows us to share our roasted coffee with the world.


We are honored to be a part of this story with Agrocafe as we take the green coffee, roast here in the states, and provide an opportunity for people to enjoy this really good coffee….all the way from the farm,to your very cup!


Every bag of coffee that our customers get to enjoy is having a direct impact on the coffee growers around the world and is helping us spread the message of hope and goodness in our communities today. We are humbled and honored to share this with you. Join us as we brew goodness in the world and brew good coffee while we are at it ;)



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